Monday, November 01, 2010

Benday dots = Planck units

The holographic principle, derived from weirdness theorized to occur at
the boundaries of black holes, says reality could be a 3-D projection of a
2-D plane of information. It’s much the same way a hologram printed on a credit
card creates the illusion of a 3-D object but, as Hogan explained, we can’t
perceive the 2-D surface.

“We could be living inside that 3-D projection,
with the truer vision of it as a 2-D sheet hidden by scale,” Hogan said.

In other words...

perhaps we are all just like comic book characters who perceive their own world as three-dimensional, even though it's just generated by a two-dimension reality of the comic book page.


Unknown said...

Yes, but is our universe work-for-hire or creator-owned?

Anonymous said...

Wait... Scipio agreeing with something from Morrison? Now I've seen everything!

SallyP said...

Man...that's deep.

Mandrake said...

Maybe he am Bizarro Scipio.