Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.


Batman and the Riddler really do make a great team.

Heck, old chum, I've known that since Brave and the Bold #183.
Naked Kyle is ALWAYS appreciated. Now if I could just get naked Guy,I'd be a happy happy woman.

Gosh, Sodam Yat was a bit on the cranky side, wasn't he?

I picked up Batman Confidential on a whim, and was enchanted.
Why does Kyle end up naked more than any other Green Lantern? It's not like the others don't also have great bods or anything ... And Guy naked is always FUNNIER.

Still, NO Green Lantern ends up naked more than Green Arrow does. ;-)

-- Sea
You know what? Cupid is a great villain.
Still, NO Green Lantern ends up naked more than Green Arrow does. ;-)

Bah. I still don't understand how Green Arrow got the reputation of being a sex hound. So he fathered Connor while a young man; horrors! He actually had sex while he was in college?!? His child by Shado was the result of her raping him; nothing he can be blamed for. And the idea that he's the real father of Arrowette was never anything more than fanboy speculation. One indiscretion with Marianne makes him Glenn Quagmire?
SallyP: hear, hear! I too like my lanterns au naturel. Except for Salaak, of course. Ugh.
Sodam once said he was a soldier, not a comedian, and he sure meant it, that crankypants. Maybe Arisia manages to loosen him up a bit. After they save Daxam's sorry asses. They're cute together.
Someone really wise once sait that Kyle is Joey Tribbiani with a power ring. That should include the hunkiness...

Also: That's a Nightwing I can live with!
Toyz -- The Naked Ollie thing isn't really about Ollie being a sex-hound. It's has more to do with the fact that when Ollie ends up naked (or missing his pants), it's FUNNY, because he DESERVES it (especially when Batman's the one who steals his pants). ;-)

-- Sea

I....don't recall reading that story. Unless you're referring to Kevin Smith's Green Arrow? Yeah, that was pretty funny.
Well, there's Dawn Raven and Joanna Pierce, but those were both used as examples of what was by then already assumed to be Ollie's zipper problem. I agree that the assumption wasn't well-founded to start with.
Jacob, thanks. I have no idea who Dawn Raven and Joanna Pierce are, but if as you say they were written in after it was assumed that Ollie was a man-whore, I likely didn't read those stories.
Dawn Raven was the wife of Joe Kelly's "Apache Chief" analogue in Justice League Elite. Not many people read that. Joanna Pierce was Black Lightning's niece. That was Winick's Green Arrow, I believe. They were both long after that became conventional wisdom.

I would check for the aforementioned scene in Kevin Smith's Green Arrow run if the book hadn't been destroyed by basement flooding... :-(
Flooding is one problem I'll never have. I actually live at the highest point of natural elevation in my state. There's a sign across the street and everything; tourists actually take their pictures standing next to it. There ain't much else in my state to take pictures next to.
Batman and the Riddler really do make a great team.

Bruce and Edward are the new Felix and Oscar.

Heck, old chum, I've known that since Brave and the Bold #183.

... and now I need to track THAT down.
I'm pretty sure I've been paying attention to Superman stuff, but Flamebird and Nightwing left me wondering if I'd missed a year's worth of issues...
I consider everyone must read this.
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