Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Named Dreads

I figure there are only a few possibilities

1. They were born before 1940 (or the appropriate year).
2. Their parents didn't know.
3. Their parents didn't care.
4. Their parents cared VERY VERY MUCH.
5. Name change.

I wonder if he has an Aunt Agatha?
Look out, Pantha!
Washington DC too good for you?
Can you imagine the local insurance rates?
Poor Candice... .
Jean, put that down!
OMFG she could get to me in under 30 minutes!!!!
"I believe your help is needed in the city, Mr Osmond."
Okay, that's just riDICulous.
$100 says at least one of them has a purple pillbox.
Yeah, he was a one of a kind.
I didn't even know that WAS a last name... .
Heh; and you thought it was too silly!
And I bet there are metereorites ALL over Olanthe.
Oh, god, he's single!
None in San Diego?
She HAS to have changed her name.
He may look that old, but he's 80 if he's a day.
Pack your bags, ladies!
I bet each one of them is boring as heck.
That's almost creepy.
I told you he wasn't dead.
Hey, I can see his house from here!
I absolutely, positively do NOT believe this.
OH, sure; "No mother would do that to her son...".


David said...

there is a Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, and Barbara Gordon in Phoenix, AZ

Scipio said...

Phoenix is the Gotham City of Earth Prime?

That ... would not have occurred to me.

Left Behind Child said...

I know two Clark Kents and one of them knows a Bill Batson. I've never seen them square off though.

Baal said...

On odd names, I was filling out a raincheck form for a lady and asked for her last name. She said by the way so I set down my pen and waited for what she wanted to tell me. She laughed and said that was her last name, spelled Bytheway. I told her she must love her husband very much.

A friend later suggested we pay matchmaker for this woman's son and any daughters of an Indian she knew with the last name Kills-In-The-Fog. Hyphenated, that name would become Kills-In-The-Fog-Bytheway...

K26dp said...

My youngest (six weeks old!) son came very close to having Carter Hall be his first and middle names. I suggested it playfully, but my wife really liked the name. As it turns out, "Hall" is a family name on her side.

I was actually the one to finally convince her away from "Hall", reminding her that all of my friends would know that we named our son after Hawkman.

His first name is still Carter, however.

totaltoyz said...

When I was a kid, there was another kid in my neighborhood named Don Blake. True story.

Siskoid said...

I've actually known a Superman. Superman Rodriguez. His brothers and sisters were called Apollo, Athena, Starbuck and something I forget but am reasonably sure wasn't Battlestar Galactica based.

I wish I was making it up.

Anonymous said...

A friend got married and to show her hubby to be how much she loved him she took his last name. His last name is Hardy.
Her first and middle names are Laurel Ann.

Real story.

Das √úbernerd said...

My landlord for five years was Peter Parker.

And on a "I bet it's not a coincidence" line I just stumbled across the other day a reference to pulp science fiction magazine editor Ray Palmer who employed editors by the names of Julius Schwartz and Mort Weisinger for some of his magazines.

totaltoyz said...

This is fun! So far I've found Edward Nigma in Bradley, IL; Wesley Dodds in San Franciso and Ashland, OR; Johnny Thunder in Winter Park, FL and Bellaire MI; Orm Curry in Land O Lakes FL and Algona IA; and unpublished Dane Dorrance; and Victor Fries in Paia, HI and Wayne, MI. Not to mention over thirty Adam Stranges, and (sorry Scipio) twenty Violet Harpers!

Scipio said...

Orm Curry?
Edward Nigma?

That's insane.

Alexi Sivana said...

I know a guy who's a fairly good comic artist named Kent Clark, Jr.

It's like his dad decided he was going to take someone else down with him...

totaltoyz said...

Well, "Orm" is short for "Ormond". But yeah, Edward Nigma. And DC thinks that such an unlikely name they retconned it to Nashton! HA!

totaltoyz said...

And a few more: Charles McNider in Bentonville AR; William Zard in Red Lodge MT and Auburn WA; 9 Sam Scudders; and 19 George Harknesses. (No Leonard Snarts, however.)

Anonymous said...

Buddy Blank lives in Rockwood TN. I'm not sure even I'm that much of a Kirby fan.

totaltoyz said...

I suppose he pays his bills with a Blank check.

And his voice mail announcement is simply "Blank out".

And he could be described as "shooting Blanks" even if he is fertile.

Somebody stop me!!

Michael C. said...

Regarding Ray Palmer- he is indeed named after Raymond A. Palmer who had been editor of Amazing Stories and a friend of Julie Schwartz. Supposedly he was very short - the result of a childhood injury and subsequent unsuccessful spinal surgery.

webrunner said...

I knew someone who's first name was "Kal-El".

totaltoyz said...

Supposedly he was very short - the result of a childhood injury and subsequent unsuccessful spinal surgery.

And they named a shrinking character after this guy? Sounds more cruel than honoring. Was he a mean editor, or something?

The Mutt said...

Nigma? Seriously?

Check his papers!

Patrick C said...

I went to High School with a Jor-el, I don't think he hyphenated it, but it was pronounced as if it were.

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