Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This has been a paid political advertisement

Ten Candidates Who Will Get My Vote for Congress Sooner Than Eliot S! Maggin:

Dr. Polaris

Ruth Buzzi

Bomilcar Garling

Rocco DiSpirito

Aquaman, Sword of Atlantis

Egg Fu

Kevin Federline

Grant Morrison

Puffy Ami Yumi

Sonny Bono's widow

Aquaman, Sword of Atlantis?

Ohhhhh, SNAP!
I wonder if there are any people with exclamation points in their names who are neither comics creators nor bushmen.
Puffy Ami Yumi??

You made my night...

Rocco DiSpirto? Now that's just low. Though admittedly, his brand new, all-plastic face with botched nose job would fit in quiet well with those Beltway bitches.
Um, it's "The Late Ruth Buzzi" even though she just doesn't have the dignity to be dead.
So if he's elected, will someone draw a cover with a giant gorilla on it and require him to draft a bill based on it?
I am pleased to see my name at the top of that list. Your endorsement is worth its weight in gold!
Scipio, show some respect.

It's Congresswoman Sonny Bono's Widow.

And as long as you're allowing foreigners to run in your imaginary election, I humbly put my hat into the race. Someone needs to bring attention to my beloved platform issue of "All Batwoman, All the Time."
I notice you'd vote for Elliot S! Maggin ahead of Jean Loring.
Ruth Buzzi, according to what I can see on the Internet, is still alive.

I'd still vote for her, in any case.
What do you have against the writer who acknowledged that Cary Bates is and always has been a super-villain?
Egg Fu already holds political office... though I think he's going by the name 'Rove'.
But, what can one man DO?

(sorry, obligatory)
Very accurate description of Rove, Big Mike, except that he doesn't hold any office. Nobody elected him to anything (well, the same can be said of Bush, but Rove didn't claim to be elected to anything). He's the equivalent of the Grand Vizier in Bush's fast-crumbling empire.
totaltoyz 8;56 am wins.
I seem to remember Maggin's name associated with Superman in some fashion. What was his transgression Scipio?
Theoretically, if Earth-Prime hadn't been destroyed, the Maggin/Bates ticket would sweep the 2008 elections in a landslide echoing back to the 1980 election of Swan/Anderson.
Scipio, I don't think you've realized the possible benefits of having Elliot S! Maggin in Congress. This would mean Mr. Maggin would be making frequent trips to Washington DC, which would mean that he could be a frequent guest at Big Monkey Comics. Maybe sign copies of Superman: Last Son of Krypton, or something.
Maggin wrote Superman from 1971 to 1986 (back when writers used to stay on a character for more than 12 issues); he is responsible for the Bronze Age Superman.

Omar, read anything, particularly a Superman novel, by Maggin, and you will understand...
Totaltoyz -

I'm no big Bush fan, but he certainly was elected President in 2004.
As I stated, the late Ruth Buzzi doesn't have the dignity to be dead, as her title would suggest. The Late Ruth Buzzi LIVES!!!!
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