Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Captain Marvel Sex Facts!

Cap's a catch.And even E. Nelson Bridwell knows it.

Cap's a bottom.Or likes to boost Junior's self-esteem.

Billy's an easy mark.Or a good actor.

Cap is chub-friendly.But kind of demanding.

Cap likes animals.
A lot.

Billy visits prisoners.
They appreciate it.

Cap's really into vegetables.And vice versa.

Cap's sex life is strange.
But there's stranger.


nathan said...

The Shazam! Showcase is the best purchase I've made in a year. I cannot remember the last time a comic book made me laugh this hard.

"Tawky Tawny talks to the tigers in their native language (Tigerian!)"

That is brilliance itself.

Daniel said...

You mispelled "their's" in the last panel.

Martin said...

Lex says it best: "That's impossible! He can't like that suit! And besides, he's a talking tiger!"


SallyP said...

Well...THAT was certainly rather odd! Not to mention kinky.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for destroying everything I hold dear.

you... you...


totaltoyz said...

I have to say, Scipio, if taking comic book panels out of context and making them appear sick and twisted ever becomes an Olympic event, you've got gold coming.

Bill D. said...

I'm very excited to be getting this with my DCBS shipment at the end of the month, even though I have a lot of the actual issues already (and am keeping them if only for the Fawcett reprints). And yeah, that Ibac/Georgia thing is disturbing in at least seven distinct ways, probably more.

Tom Curry said...

In the most happy-making panel of the Shazam Showcase, the Marvels respond to Sivana's "Badness Ray" (sigh) thusly:

Captain Marvel: Quick! Think good thoughts!

Cap Jr: Apple Pie!

Captain Marvel: Motherhood!

Mary Marvel: Christmas!

Ashley said...

Damn!! And God bless you for showing me what perversities have been under my eyes for years.

rachelle said...

These Showcase books are the greatest things ever published. I hope to get this for xmas. If not, I'm buying it the next day.