Friday, June 16, 2023

Today I Nearly Wet Myself

 Because never did I expect to see again:


There are some bright spots in the Dawn of the DCU after all, and Batman/Superman World's Finest (issue #15, in this case) is one of them.  Especially now that Tim's back, which feels so ... RIGHT that it makes me question his loyalty to Batman for having been AWOL so long during Damian's reign of terror.

I hear you, Tim. I stand chastised.

The writers of this comic have the Wisdom of the (Comic Book) Ages, because they understand that Robin is the un-heralded third member of World's Finest, and was always the lynchpin that held the ensemble together.  Let these covers full of truth wash over you until you understand/believe.

This issue had Batman, Superman, Robin, Supergirl, Metamorpho, Prof. Ivo & Amazo, Will Magnus & the Metal Men, the Toyman, Dr. Cyber (!), the Red Tornado, the Doom Patrol, Chemo, Ultivac, the Challengers of The Unknown, the Teen Titans, and the Awesome Threesome.  Oh, and a Robot Uprising plot to Enslave All Humanity.  

And it didn't need a year-long universe-wide crossover to do it.  Apparently, there are still people who remember how to make comics, after all.


Marcos said...

Tim? I thought that was Dick. It's sure looks like a flashback to the time of Titans 1.0, after all....

Scipio said...

That occurred to me after I wrote that. But it certainly doesn't SEEM like Dick and except for seeing that particular rendition of the Titans (who even KNOWS what their history is after the Dawn of the DCU), everything else seems contemporary, most notably the CURRENT version of the Doom Patrol is there.

R Duncan said...

So...was Jimmy Olsen also a lynchpin that held the World's Finest ensemble together??? Or did he just detract from the other three?

Scipio said...

Jimmy Olsen was added when the plot required some sort of parallelism (Batman sidekick and Superman's pal). But he was not a regular feature; that was more common in the later years.