Friday, November 23, 2018

Some People Never Learn

I haven't been planning on saying much about the Joaquin Phoenix "Joker" movie because, frankly, it seems far too much like kicking boxing a 3 year old girl.  Which the court told me I can't do any more.

Next time, Olivia. And when you least expect it.

However, I can't refrain from commenting on these images from its filming, in which the Joker crosses a street incautiously and gets hit by a cab:

Laugh at Cesar Romero all you want... but HE never got hit by a cab.
All I can say about the Joker's little mishap is...



Anonymous said...

Not as traumatizing as the one where the Scarecrow set himself on fire and is running around in agony while Batman dispenses fire safety tips. Man, the Filmation version of the Scarecrow was unsettling:

Scipio said...

Thanks to Ted Knight, world's most prolific villain-voice.

John C said...

You know, "what will revitalize this movie franchise is a Joker origin movie, possibly two" and "an off-model Joker runs into traffic and--surprise!--gets hit by a car" seems surprisingly congruent, like a Matryoshka of poor comprehension.

I realize that movies don't work like TV, needing creators to be interested in characters instead of providing a list of candidates to the show for use, but all for the interesting and fun characters DC sits on...honestly, I'd rather watch a feature-length version of the Sesame Street clip, myself.

And, I mean, is it really even the Joker if he doesn't have makeup covering the actor's famous mustache?

Anonymous said...

"Thanks to Ted Knight, world's most prolific villain-voice."

I was gonna make a comment about how "I hope Larry Storch was paid well for that scene" just to spark a response, but that seemed more contentious than funny. So pretend I did that and you LOL'd.

cybrid said...

THAT'S The Joker's face now?

Well, that's not good.

"All I can say about the Joker's little mishap is...WILL THEY NEVER LEARN!?"

"Why don't they look...?"

Bryan L said...

Oh, dear. Those photos look like Ronald McDonald dyed his hair green.

cybrid said...

Yeah, part of The Joker's deal is "This Ain't Make-Up!"

cybrid said...


For those who are for whatever reason interested in the Batman of the seventies, I recently came across this. Enjoy or don't. :-)

Slaughter said...

Why would they make a Origin Story movie of a character who has NO origin story?

That would be like making a Phantom Stranger origin movie.
Then again, I think that would work. Just have the movie actually be four separate movies in one, and no definitive statement about which one is the true origin.