Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Haikuesday: "Wuxtry!"

This haiku for Rainbow Man is entitled:  


Rainbow man escapes!

Color King uses paint to

free himself and gang.

What haiku can YOU compose to honor the pale oddity that is Rainbow Man?


Anonymous said...

Jesus, Wuxtry boy.
You look like lumpy Ben Grimm:
Shame of Yancy Street.

Redforce said...

Wuxtry! Hey, Wuxtry!!
'Wuxtry' Anachronism!
Film at eleven.

Redforce said...

Not a haiku, but...

He’s a real Rainbow Man
Sitting on an old paint can
Making all his scheming plans from rainbows.
Has a rosy point of view
Spins a color wheel to choose
Isn’t he a bit like Bivolo?

Rainbow Man, please listen
Green Arrow’s what you’re missing
Rainbow Man, in GA’s enemies you should stand.
Whiter than a picket fence
Has a real bad fashion sense
Rainbow, why wear Liberace’s cape?

Rainbow Man, Orange you worried?
Vig is here, better hurry
Leave or else he will beat you
Black and blue
Ow, wow, wow, wow, wow

Rainbow’s not like other boys
Likes fab hues and plays with toys
Isn’t he a bit like Trickster too?
Nowhere man, please listen
Vig will punch you till you’re pissing
Rainbow man, yellow stains on your purple pants
Hah, ha, ha, ha, ha

He's a real Rainbow man
Being as colorful as he can
Making all his revenge plans for Vig-ilante
Making all his revenge plans for Vig-ilante
Making all his revenge plans for Vig-ilante

Bryan L said...

Rainbow Man, beware
Faces Vigilante now
Brings paint to gun fight.

Anonymous said...

Hues seen out window
"I shall become... a Rainbow..."
A legend begins

- Mike Loughlin

Slaughter said...

The Rainbow is Symbol of
God's Covenant with Mankind
Rainbow Man drowns in color

Brian Hague said...

Rainbow Man makes for
A colorful entry in the
"Hue's Hue" of Crime.

Vigilante sighs.
I'm always chasing rainbows.
Yeah, he's got the Stuff.

Red Rivers, Purple
Sage... See, this is why I left
The Painted Desert

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