Sunday, July 23, 2017

Heroclix Custom of the Week: Snapper Carr

This is latest in my ongoing series featuring custom figures I use in the tabletop miniatures game, Heroclix.  In the last entry, I shared my custom for Apex City's GIANT ROBOT BEAR.  It's not easy to match that for absurdity, unless of course today's figure is...


The more you think about the fact that Justice League gave Snapper Carr a flying jalopy,
the more reasonable Lex Luthor seems.

For Snapper Carr I chose a dial that's short (so he can die really quickly) but still annoying (Snapper's defining characteristic).  It's the one-slot dial of some silly concept from Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D., an A.I. monkey named "HENRY".  I'm sure that's an acronym, because Marvel, but I don't care of what (also because Marvel).

This dials gives Snapper 'teleportation', a power he developed after his Justice League days during the "Invasion" crossover.  He has 'super senses', which makes some sense because his hypersensitive observational skills were part of what brought him to the JLA's attention.  

These panels show both his teleportation and his keen awareness of his surroundings <Batman eyeroll>.

The special damage power gives him both 'Empower' and 'Enhancement'; GREAT advantages in any sidekick, that let him help others attack without making him a good attacker himself.

I didn't have enough time to find a panel of Snapper actually being helpful.
But this is a great representation of not-being-a-good-attacker.

He's got the 'Tiny" size symbol which requires some special interpretation, since for all his faults, Snapper is NOT tiny.  

That's a pretty safe assumption.

Since the main effects of "Tiny" size are being harder to hit from afar and being able to be carried by normal size figures, I just re-interpreted those effects with some special traits:

If you are wondering why Green Arrow isn't in that list there are two reasons:
1. Green Arrow isn't an original member of the Justice League and wasn't there when they 'adopted' Snapper; and
2.  Green Arrow pretty consistently couldn't stand Snapper.

And here's his actual sculpt (a repainted Rick Jones):

I thought the fluorescent base might make him an easier target.


SallyP said...

Making Snapper an easier target is a brilliant move! Also... isn't it the villains who go around referring to themselves in the third person?

Anonymous said...

Dat crummy ol' jalopy he's drivin', it ain't got nothin' on Goitrude.

Yes! said...

I have not clix'd in a few years, but I seem to remember a 'pog' Snapper Carr, back when they made civilians. I don't think they gave Carr any abilities though, so he was like every other Aunt May and L-Ron the Pun Robot. I like yours much better!

I am amazed at how powerful that 15 point original HENRY is. I think you mostly play scenarios instead of point matches, but have you noticed any upwards creep in figure power for the point cost?

Scipio said...

Well, there's a definite SHIFT. Anything that's a certain age in Heroclix is unplayable because the stats are too low.

But it character less as 'power creep' than as a shift in design. The dials are much shorter but have all their power 'condensed' into those slots. Old Heroclix are like gulping lots of watery coffee; newer Heroclix are more like sipping a few jolts of espresso.

Yes! said...

I suppose it's a more exciting design, I do recall half the challenge was finding figures that didn't start with 8 attack and drop to 5.