Monday, February 06, 2017

Warhead = Torpedo

This figure

Rather trajectorial chest logo, don't you think?

was revealed as the new Big Bad in this week's issue of Aquaman.

He seems like he might be a robot (or maybe just a guy in very robotic suit), who has some sort of telepathic power of influence, like Aquaman's.

Apparently his name is "Warhead".  

Painfully obvious, apparently.

But I know who/what he 'really' is....

It's the Torpedo.

No, no.  Not the 'Red Torpedo' from, um, Earth-2 (or at least the New52 equivalent of Earth-2. Earth-2.52?)  

If the President signs an executive order forbidding further comic book homages to the Pieta, he's got my vote.

THIS guy:

I bet that needs BIG batteries.

Occasionally called Torpedo Man.  Even though he's a robot.

Like Homer, even Haney nods.

How do I know he's a robot? Well, that's what he was when he appeared in the comics.

"Customers who bought 'the Torpedo' in Amazon Personal Aids also were interested in 'the Magneto' and 'the Claw.' "

A rather talky and snarky robot, mind you.

STILL one of the greatest comics quotes of all time.

But still a robot.

I've already seen a host of amazingly unexpected and welcome callbacks to Aquahistory since Aquaman was rebooted (including the return of the goshdarned CREATURE KING, of all villains).  But bringing back the Torpedo in this new form?!?!

That's got me walking on air, in a weightless state I look forward to continuing to enjoy in upcoming issues.


CobraMisfit said...

Bringing back Torpedo in Rebirth is...wait for it....EXPLOSIVE!


Bryan L said...

I'm with you. As a proud owner of the Filmation Aquaman series on DVD (and ALL the Filmation DC cartoons), I feel Torpedo Man is long overdue for a comeback. But I really like the original design. It's so Alex Toth. I'm not sure if he actually did it, but it looks like his work.

r duncan said...


That would be so "awesome"! Especially if Claw and Magneto tag along.

One of the first comics I ever bought and one of my favorites.

Unknown said...

I'm a millennial who saw Torpedo Man on a Filmation VHS rental as a small child, and never forgot. About time!

Slaughter said...

I thought he was a weak villain at first, but then I figured it

He's doing Aquaman's thing

But with people.

Wait a sec, if you can command people like Aquaman commands fishes, what you call it?