Saturday, June 01, 2013

Mod maze

And by that title I mean not "mod" as in groovy modern but rather "mod" as in "modular".

As much as a I love most Heroclix maps (especially mine own), they all share a common problem: they are static.  They are the same every time you play them.  After a while you're familiar enough with the map that you can work its particular layout to your advantage.  That's fun, but it does take a bit of the surprise out of things.

Mazes are like that, too.  They look quite daunting at first, but once you've navigated them, that's it.  They hold no further possibilities.

But not so for THIS maze:

Originally, I wanted to make this maze all, you know, Riddler-y.  But that would really limit the occasions for using it.  Besides, I figure anyone who actually has this printed is probably going to be someone with a Court of Owls fixation.  And so: a dungeon maze.  Any figures with Charge, Running Shot, or Sidestep are going to have a good time here.

The map is mostly clear floor tiles and blocking walls.  But there are also two small water areas, two small elevated areas, and two small hindering areas (just because they are so DARK you can't go running through them).  But here's where the REAL fun begins:

If you cut the map along those white lines, you can then place the sections down any way you like to form a different version of the map. That's a lot of combinations; in the parlance of the internet "more than 9000".  Actually, 2,949,120, I believe (I may have lost count at some point there).

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