Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things That Made Me Happy... my comics this week.

Well, it’s about time somebody called Chase on her crap. Not that it helped.
Watching that ridiculously hubristic Towel of Babel, Weber’s World, crumble like a giant popcorn ball.
I really like Kate’s step-mother, even though I don’t even know her name.
Uh-oh; Validus wakes up CRANKY.
OOoo, Bruce saw Clark and Diana kissing in the parking lot after school, I’m tellin’!
At first I thought Cisco’s brother was just going to be an annoying culo.  But now I see he’s going to be a very necessary annoying culo.
The Sons of Adam; heh, nice touch.
Kid Flash gets his mainline cut.  Those 2.27 milliseconds must have seemed very long, indeed.
ZEKE! That’s hilarious.
Wait, shouldn’t the Justice League at least have some sort of administrative assistant?  Where’s Snapper Carr when you need him?  Oh god, I can’t believe I just said that… 
Quietly bad-ass Element Lad working hand-in-glove with sympathetic Brainiac 5.  What the heck is the world coming to…?!
I have to confess, I secretly like portrayals of Wonder Woman and Superman where they are willing to say, “Screw the rules, I’m fixing this now.” Because that is very much how they were when they started, particularly Superman.
So, barely two of the Fatal Five are in action, the U.P. is already falling apart, two more are coming into play and we haven’t even SEEN the fifth one.  I cannot WAIT until the Fatal Five get the ‘team base’ treatment in Heroclix.
I also kind of like the idea that maybe everyone just thinks that Firestorm is a crazy person.
Poseidon made me laugh: “Um, yeah, maybe myths actually moved forward a little during the 7000 years you were buried in the earth.”
Well. THAT should knock Mon-El down a peg or two, shouldn’t it?  Never thought I’d see the day. 
Today I said, “Way to go, Gypsy!” out loud.  What the heck is the world coming to…?!
The Atom versus the Myth of the Geek Girl.  Who won?
Vibe; oh, yeah, crack my planet wide open, papi!
Catwoman in a straightjacket, bwahahahaha!  I’ve been waiting for her comeuppance for some time.
Bette’s backbone!
Dang, Orion. Now even I want to go out with Wonder Woman. Or you.  Or both of you. Or even just watch.
I have always lived in terror of the Emerald Eye of Ekron.  This week didn’t help.


Bryan L said...

I'm also very fond of the idea that everybody thinks Firestorm is crazy. Don't bother to subvocalize or hide your conversation; just throw it out there and let people think what they will. It keeps everybody off-balance. Even Batman's got to be saying "I better treat this one with kid gloves -- he could go completely bug-nuts any second now."

I was initially horrified by Mon-el, but then I thought this could really shift him away from being a Superman clone and could be very interesting.

r duncan said...

I hardly understand any of this week's comments, but for the first time in ages I actually want to check out the Legion.

Scipio said...

You should. It's bug-nuts.

SallyP said...

There were quite a few really good things happening this week...and most of them were in Wonder Woman.

Seriously though...Snapper CARR? Don't make me come over there and slap you! Like Batman slapping!