Monday, March 04, 2013


My Killer Moth 3-D printing custom Heroclix figure (I got two of them), along with my custom Mothmoble 'clix.

That is all.


Marcos said...

Awesome. What's his dial look like?

SallyP said...

It' sure is colorful! Seriously, Killer Moth did this on purpose?

But that is an amazing creation, despite his fashion sense.

Scipio said...

Marcos, it's on the "Rohjaz" dial (CA-063).
Improved movement against hindering terrain.
As a trait, can use Stealth and ignore it on opponents,
As a special power, can make a power action to CANCEL Stealth on an opponent with 3 squares.

It's a perfect "bat-buster'.

Plus its regular powers include Running Shot, Charge, Combat Reflexes, Enhancement and Defend; makes him perfect to come to the rescue of some overwhelmed criminal.

I actually have a SECOND one, that's one a different dial (the 66 point Robin).

Steve Mitchell said...

Your dial description seemes to be remarkably competent for Killer Moth as he has been portrayed on this site.

Scipio said...

It does; it's Killer Moth's self image, really.