Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Haikuesday with Gene Colan and the Sea Devils!

Ah, the Sea Devils, the Homines Superiores of the Sea, the Demigods of the Deep, the Untersee Ubermenschen. I've always marveled at the Sea Devils, who, as repeatedly mentioned here at the Absorbascon, are paragons of humanity, as capable and impressive as the Challengers of the Unknown are incompetent and stumble-footed. Yet they get so little respect; why, they don't even have a page of TV Tropes (where even
Small Wonder has a page).

While excited for the new directions that the creative team is taking with Aquaman, I was sad to see that Aquaman's hinted "former team" will turn out
not to be the Sea Devils.

It's a pity. The Sea Devils are your classic four-man band (The Leader, The Girl, The Muscle, The Kid), a sort of underwater Fantastic Four without superpowers (other than super-awesomeness). They'd have been perfect "back-up singers" for Aquaman's adventures that preceded his discovery of Atlantis, and I would have loved to see the New52 Aquaman become the tentpole for the reintroduction of all DC's oceanic heroes. Alas.

The Sea Devils were so incredible, that, like Mr. Mxyzptlk or The Phantom Stranger, they pretty much do whatever they want, including violating the Fourth Wall...

and otherwise ignoring the barrier between their world and ours. Why, here's their own comic book artist-- Gene Colan -- joining them on one of their underwater adventures.

Wow. That's... wow. Could Namor or Dracula have dragged Gene Colan in their world? I don't think so.

Let alone induct Gene Colan into the joys of sweet, sweet octopus love?

I think not.

Speaking of "Wow", that's the name of the haiku that the amazing Gene Colan spouts as he and the Sea Devils escape one of their hourly close-calls.

We got away just
before that ancient ship was
swallowed up again!

Such is the ennobling effect of the Sea Devils on all who surround them, elevating them to the heights of human achievement, including casual haiku in the face of near destruction. What haiku can you compose in honor of the Sea Devils or Gene Colan?


r duncan said...

"...a sort of underwater Fantastic Four with superpowers."

Should that be without?

Your glowing endorsement of the Sea Devils makes me wish I had followed them back in the day. When I was a kid they didn't seem superhero-y enouogh.

Dougie said...

Did they not have their own, green Namor latterly? Manfish or something similar?

Scipio said...

Ah, yes; the Drama of Manfish. Perhaps we share that here one day...

TotalToyz said...

What kind of paper
Does not get soggy under
Water? Bravo, Gene!

Anonymous said...

They are hard to come by, but I collect them since I think they have more great covers than any other SA title in existence. Check it out, it's some of comics most beautiful artwork.

Bryan L said...

For heaven's sake, Gene!
Don't get busy with the fish
They'll tell Aquaman.

SallyP said...

Haw! Those are some great haikus!

TotalToyz said...

Perhaps I should make
Sea Devils custom Clix! But
Wait; I think I did.