Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hammer Haikuesday with Dusty the Diastatic Detective

Yesterday we looked at the cover to Pep 39; today let's take a peek inside at a scene from a touching little story called...


Truly, I miss Golden Age comics!

As you know, our hero the Shield is utterly impervious to harm. It's a neat trick, but it does limit suspense. Fortunately, the Shield found his kid sidekick, Dusty, to trail after him and act as clobbering magnet.

Nazis are weird. Not only do they not know how to use commas or the letter "H", they name their hammers. And inaptly, too.
"Dot" ... really? Not "Mike", or "Stanley" or even "MC"?

P.S. Free trip to the Garment District for the first person who correctly guesses the Shield's waist size!

Well, now we know how Dusty's brains got exposed on the cover. Honestly, Dusty's not even wearing a HAT. That shock of red hair practically screams "HIT ME HERE!"

The Shield, with concern that might have been put to better use BEFORE dragging Ricochet Lad with him into battle, first punches out the hammer-wielding Nazi...

"I will punch you so hard you'll think you were drawn by Keith Giffen!"

...then checks on Dusty the Damage-Mop, who, much to his credit, not only recovers immediately but muses about it philosophically in a haiku entitled:



Um.. actually, Dusty, it is every day someone hits you with a hammer. It's getting harder and harder to remember, though, isn't it? You'll probably have forgotten it entirely by the time Child Services arrives.

Now that your brain's been exposed to Dusty's haiku, can you counter with a haiku of your own to celebrate this touching moment of blunt force trauma?


TotalToyz said...

Editor doesn’t
know there is an "H" in "Schwein"?
Didio’s granddad.

Nathan Hall said...

Shoulders Forty-four
But waist a lean Twenty-eight
Garment District - NOW!

LissBirds said...

The Shield's waist size is eighteen and a half. Just like Scarlet O'Hara's before childbirth. Can I buy a nice hat in the garment district?

Scipio said...

"Oh, I'm sorry! Answers must be phrased in the form of haiku to be eligible..."


TotalToyz said...

The Shield's waist is so
tiny, his kidneys must be
carried in a bag.

Ezekiel said...

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