Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heroclix in 3D!

Yesterday, I was delighted to receive, hand-delivered by charming Charlie of Xion Games, copies of my recent Heroclix maps: Ferris Aircraft, the Iceberg Lounge, Central City, and Crime Alley. Soon I'll have to order Apex City and Weisinger Plaza, as well!

I was delighted; it can be hard to get a good sense from staring at a computer screen how a large-scale printing is going to turn out, but these were excellent, with delicious detail. But I also got some news that made me feel like a piker...

Imagine my surprise to learn that an Absorbacommando, Mathias, actually went and made 3D versions of some of my maps, including...

The Crime Alley Map
(including the fire escapes!)

The Big Monkey Map

and the Joker's Hideout Map.
(Hey, what's Iron Man doing in there...?!)

Very impressive, Mathias! I'm honored you troubled to give my work the 3D treatment.

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These...these are magnificent. What did he make them out of?
Ahhh...never mind, got a closer look. Very cool!
(Hey, what's Iron Man doing in there...?!)

Promoting his movie, one would suspect.
Ledger-Hammil! Brilliant.
I hadn't even noticed the name on the side of the building. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Seriously, though, I think companies and factories that make nothing but playing cards are a phenomenon (doo doo doo doo doo) unique to the DC Universe. Everywhere else, playing cards are made by companies that make other things as well, often other kinds of toys and games. I was recently watching an episode of the original "Ultra Man" series, produced in Japan in the mid-1960s. The characters were playing cards, and I noticed the name of the company that made the cards printed on the backs (oddly enough, in English): Nintendo.
To answer the question about what stuff I make these out of, I work for a factory that makes things out of foam, foam rubber, Styrofoam. They'll cut up anything. We always have the most marvelous scrap and I take trash home regularly.
Totaltoyz, Nintendo is not a videogame company that also makes playing cards, they're a playing card company that branched out to videogames.

And there are plenty of playing-cards only companies around the world..
Hey, I knew Nintendo wasn't making videogames in 1966. Me not stoopid. I just figured they made a lot of different toys, is all.
Never implied you were stupid. Sorry if it came out that way.
No problem, I'm just overly thin-skinned I guess. Thanks for apologizing.

I just didn't believe there really are companies that make playing cards and nothing else. I mean, how often do people buy playing cards? I don't play cards myself, but I know my parents have had the same deck since at least 1970.
Thank you for accepting my appy polly logies, TT. :> And yeah, I know it's rare, but there are playing card companies.

You might not change your decks often, but I know some casinos use one deck per game, then cut the corner of the deck and discard it or let a player keep the deck as a souvenir.

See here for some playing card manufacturers. I should add some that exist in my country.
This is nice work. But for those who aren't up to making a scratch build there are companies who sell 3d terrain that you print up at home and then build.

The best one I seen is called WorldWorks Games. They make stuff for modern, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, pirate, even woods.

Check them out:
Hey man! I can see this is perfect because it's the best representation of game, specially because we can get the how it is since other perspective.
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