Sunday, February 03, 2008

Preparing for Crisis

Not all Heroclix players are interested only in huge donnybrooks; I'm a big fan of 200 and 300 points games without any flying bricks.

With the new Crisis set comes out (VERY soon!), I'm already thinking about fun little team to compose. Such as...


Back in the day (that means the Silver Age), Aquaman and Green Arrow could not get enough of each other, and were showing up in crossover stories constantly.

Okay. It was more like twice.

But those things were rarer then (outside of World's Finest), and they loom large. Okay, fine. To me, they loom large.

So, putting Aquaman and his sidekick (that big-headed, purple-eyed, ichtyophobic freak, Aqualad) on a team with Green Arrow and the original Speedy (The Boy Whose Indian Origins Have Been Forgotten) is irresistible to me.

It's also not a bad power combo. The Arrow guys have long-range powers; the Aquaguys have short-range powers, like Charge and Superstrength. Green Arrow and Aqualad both have stealthy powers, so Aquaman and Speedy can use them as cover. Not an unbeatable team, but workable against another 200 point team (that's not teeming with superspeed, invulnerability, or stealth).

Unfortuantely, while the 70 point Aquaman is a fun dial, but the sculpt is that of Artie Joe, the Fake Aquaman. Oh, well. You can swap him out for the Starro-Slave Aquaman if you want; he's the Real Aquaman, he's also 70 points, and if you don't look at his echidnodermic puss, he looks great.

Naturally, anytime you use Green Arrow, you want to use the 50 point one; he's SO much better the 42 point one it's not even funny. But there are only so many points to go around on a 200 point team!

For some further fun, throw in the Starro Slave version of the Flash (70 points) and the forthcoming Kid Flash (45 points), swap out the 42 pt GA for the 50 pt one, add a GL and you get...

Okay, I'm cheating again; the 80 point GL is Kyle Rayner, not Hal Jordan. But, heck just put Hal's sculpt on it, and you're set for some Silver Age Fun. Or, you can use the Starro-Slave version of Hal Jordan; that's only 70 points, and you can add 10 points worth of Feat Cards. Or, if your really into it, add Itty, Kiki, and either an Octopus or a Jellyfish.

OR, if you'd like to take it to the next level, lose the pogs and go for:


Then throw them up against



Ryan said...

That 400 point team is sounding pretty slick, Scipio. Almost makes me want to take up clix again.

Yestin said...

Unfortunately Starro-slave Green Lantern is 90 points :(

Fortunately, you can replace him with Hawkman or the Atom to retain Silver sensibility.

Scipio said...

Phooey; you're right.

Hawkman and Atom don't provide the range the team needs, or the ability to TK WW into the WF.

Of course, with Hawkman's Charge and Atom's Outwit, it might even out if you can keep the WF out of hindering terrain... .

totaltoyz said...

So, no comments on any of the recent Crisis preview figs? Walk-Like-An-Egyptian Shimmer? Absurdly Polished Pectoral or whatever his name is? The sucky Jack & 10 (and how much better the custom Royal Flush Gang I made for you is)?