Saturday, February 11, 2006

Skeets' Rooting

One of my favorite aspects of Infinite Crisis is the return of Skeets.

Skeets, as anyone knows, is one of the greatest DCU characters of all time. The absence of Skeets has held back Booster Gold from greatness, and there's no surer sign of DC's committment to boosting Booster than the return of Skeets. Even if you don't know him from the 1980s Booster Gold series, and you've only seen him in the IC or on JLU, I think you'll understand.

So we need a Skeets pog to bring the Booster Gold Heroclix figure to greatness, don't we?

Skeets is designed to kick your butt. Not directly, of course; indirectly, through helping Booster.

Each level (Rookie, Experienced, and Veteran) has the Police Team ability, with which Skeets can increase Booster's Attack Value (as long as they stick together). Similarly, each has Enhancement, for augmenting Booster's Damage Value. In fact, the only difference among the versions is their Defense. The naive Rookie is easiest to take out, because he's not thinking about defending himself. The Experienced one's got more of a sense of self-preservation and uses his sensory arrays as Supersenses, making him a harder target to hit. The Veteran's gone beyond mere self-preservation and uses his Defend to help protect Booster.

With Skeets, you can, for 5 to 11 points, put a little Booster back in your Heroclix game! Play fair, though; only use Skeets with Booster... and only one at a time!


Anonymous said...

Did Skeets show up in one of the spin off series leading into IC?

Scipio said...

He's in IC itself. He's with Booster when they visit the new Blue Beetle.

Anonymous said...

I believe Skeets was in the OMAC Project series as well.

Anonymous said...

I never understood what happened to Skeets during the JLI days! He was there with Booster in Booster Gold #25, the last issue of the Man of Gold's solo series. Booster ends up appearing regularly in JLI...with no Skeets!

Dan Jurgens took over JLI and corrected this horrendous oversight, having Booster at least briefly get Skeets out of storage. That's right, Booster had Skeets shut off, in a box, in the back of his closet. Way to treat your friend, Booster!

Skeets must be a part of Booster's life! I loved the carefree Booster juxtaposed with the dry humor of Skeets. Plus the little guy has all sorts of neat, helpful abilities.

Proof of the greatness of Skeets is in the fact that when a JLU episode centered around Booster, Skeets was there! Bruce Timm knows better than to diss the Skeets!

The return of Skeets in Infinite Crisis is a balm to the open wound inflicted upon me when Blue Beetle and Rocket Red died.

May Skeets never be put into storage again!

Anonymous said...

The Booster/Skeets episode of JLU was one of the most enjoyable half-hours of television in recent memory.

Anonymous said...

Not least by the fact that Skeets was voiced by Billy (Phillip J. Fry) West.

Anonymous said...

NO! He's completely evil!
JK, it was Mr. Mind living inside his CPU or something.
Happened in 52