Wednesday, December 14, 2022

"But this I know, and know full well..."

 I do not know who Emily Kim is.

But I know this.

She does not know what "iconic" means.


Bryan L said...

I was going to say that the word "iconic" has been bastardized to mean "kind of famous among some group of people," but it still doesn't work for Spider-Gwen. So never mind.

Balur said...

Heh, yeah I'm pretty sure some of the people I saw Spiderverse with couldn't even tell you who Spider-Gwen is.

Not exactly iconic.

Anonymous said...

It's a little early to tell, but maybe Spider-Gwen IS iconic? I mean, she's tapping into something that feels like it might have some staying power, and it's kicked off this trend of Gwen-this and Gwen-that.

It feels like women claiming what white guys have had in comics all along, the expectation that they are the heroes. Original Gwen Stacy was primarily an accessory of Peter Parker's: girlfriend, and then a guilt motivator, and then the focus of ugly retcons ... but all of that was about what it did to Peter Parker. Spider-Gwen is about her being her own person, and while there is a connection to Peter, it's Gwen's story, not his. And it's significant that they did this with Gwen rather than just create a new character, in fact I think that's kind of the point.

Anonymous said...

A mash-up/remix character being called “iconic” means the word “iconic” is going the way of “literally.”

- Mike Loughlin

cybrid said...

Shrug. It's subjective.

Scipio said...

No, it is not "subjective". Tastes and preferences are subjective. Whether you LIKE Spider-Gwen or not is subjective.
"Shrug it's subjective" is the exactly the attitude that leads to everything being the same and blurs any distinction between what is of high quality and value and what is not. And then people suddenly wonder 'why is everything crap". Everything is crap because everyone kept shrugging "It's subjective" every time crap was produced and called gold.

I adore Vibe; but Vibe is not "iconic".
Spider-Man is iconic. Spider-Gwen is not iconic.
There are a lot of people who could draw (or at least recognize) Spider-Man. That is not the case with this clone girl dressed in a Sexy Rhino Halloween costume for some fanboys' titillation.

Redforce said...

I absolutely loved Spider-Gwen in Into the Spiderverse, especially her costume. But no, she's not iconic.
And you're right, Rhino-Gwen is stupid. And when I noticed that Greg Land drew that pic, I felt a sudden need for a strigil and some bleach.

Scipio said...

"Greg Land drew that pic, "

One wonders where he found a female pornstar dressed as a rhino he could trace.