Tuesday, March 30, 2021

More Fun WITH Green Arrow

In yesterday's episode, Professor Angel and his deformed, blackmailed proteges had used a giant mirror to cause a horrific accident with a truck full of rubber tires, a valuable wartime commodity.  Into this mess roars Green Arrow in that lemon-fresh mobile-home he calls "the Arrowcar":

Pikachumobile needs a new pair of shoes!

This single panel encapsulates everything wrong about Green Arrow (except, you know, the archery thing).  Roy is the sensible adult and Ollie the impetuous child.  Ollie's #white(millioniare)privilege in having a priority rating for his tires and his putting his own desires before the country's needs.  The absurdity of the behemoth Arrowmobile, which weighs so much it probably needs new tires every 10 miles.  Ollie, proving his malfeasance in this regard by driving the car needlessly fast to satisfy his whims, even though that the exact reason he needs new tires.  He's not even waiting for the tire convoy to reach its distribution point; he's driving out to meet it on the road.  I suspect Oliver Queen's middle name is Karen.

If I were in a car with an ejector seat, being driven by Ollie Queen, I probably wouldn't sit down either.

Note the exact timing of events in the next panel, folks.

"You know what to do! I mean... don't you? You always do. Please tell me you know what to do, kid.  I don't need to know what it is; just do it, while I drive and dream about my new tires."

I'm guessing from the context (and the lack of an AAEEEIIIIIGH!) that this is a second or so truck derailed by the mirror, not the first one. But ask yourself what would have happened WITHOUT the mirror there, as Ollie, who we know is driving too fast, careens around the corner in his canary Kampfpanzer.  Odds are the trucks would have driven off the cliff TO AVOID THE ARROWCAR.

Anyway, as always, Roy takes care of the issue, while Ollie gawks like a tourist

Giant Mirror of Destruction is the name of my next quartet.  Always look to Golden Age comics for the name of your next quartet, they never disappoint.

Despite being amateur, first-time criminals, Angel's stooges immediately and intuitive realize that

...the real threat is the red-threaded kid and that only one of them is need to deal with Green Arrow.

They flee but leave behind a clue:

"That's it, Speedy! Their REAL racket is blackmarket Equity cards and this attack on the tire convoy is just a diversion! To the Arrowcave!"

Boy, the crooks (and writers) sure do make it easy on Ollie, don't they?  At this stage, Batman (an actual detective) was doing stuff like tracking down criminals from scraps of material from the clothing.  But Green Arrow writers know they need to literally hand Oliver a piece of paper with the criminal's name on it if he's to stand any chance (N.B., Roy is the one who found the clue, 'natch).

The next encounter is, literally, a Bright idea:  to rob a benefit at a Stage Door Canteen in New York.  

"We'll go in as instrumentalists; that way, no one will notice that we are hideously deformed."

As it happens, pre-internet Oliver and Roy are ALSO headed to New York City to visit Equity Headquarters in hopes of finding Richard Bright...


cybrid said...

(perusing the GCD's More Fun #85 entry)

Too bad you don't hate Doctor Fate as much as you hate Green Arrow, IMHO Fate's story sounds much more interesting. Oh well.

"Kent tells Inza he's been studying medicine and becomes an intern at the Wetherby Free Clinic. Meanwhile Fate discovers Carl Grubber is forcing Dr. Brennen to perform plastic surgery on dangerous criminals."

cybrid said...

Green Arrow's middle name is "Jonas."

cybrid said...

"I have an idea for a crime...in New York"

This initially seems to beg the question of how far away Star City is from New York but, as it happens, this far back (November 1942), Green Arrow and Speedy's home city had in fact been established to be New York, so it's right there. Star City wasn't designated as such until the silver age.

If Wikipedia's entry on "Star City (comics)" is to be believed, that is.

John C said...

I like Roy's passive-aggressive "what is it?" after spotting the card, picking it up, and delivering it to Ollie. Odds are that he copied down all the pertinent information for the likely scenario where Our Stalwart Hero chases Bright down so that he won't need to pay the replacement fee for his Equity card.

It'd be nice, though, to see the alternate-universe version of the story where Angel's Charlies don't exist and the caravan security mows down the hijacker playing chicken with them in the Banana Barge.

CobraMisfit said...

This fries my brain, even for Green Arrow.....

Which is to say just how much I adore Golden Age Green Arrow. Or: GAGA!

Scipio said...

It IS Jonas. You learn something new every day!

Bryan L said...

"L-Look at their faces ... like gargoyles!"

And there we have our explanation for Dr. Angel's thugs. Crimefighters are a superstitious and cowardly lot. Angel will strike fear into them by turning his henchmen into that which Ollie most fears.

Scipio said...

"Angel's Charlies"

I really wish I'd thought that.