Monday, May 13, 2019

8 Match-Ups I can't believe haven't happened yet

1. Red Bee versus Killer Moth

I picture a LOT of slapping. Followed by making up and shopping for leggings.

2. The Inferior Five versus the Secret Six

I have zero doubt that the IF would beat the tar out of SS, even if only by accident.

3. The Legion of Doom versus the Legion of Super-Heroes

I assume LoD would win, but only because the Riddler would find some loophole in the Legion's Constitution.

4. Mogo with Mogo

Naturally, they'd be fighting the Planet of the Apes.
You're welcome for that.

5. Gleek with Zook 

GODS, I hate space-monkey-things. Maybe they would hijinks each other to death.

6. The Falcon and the Vulture  versus Hawk and Dove

Before you bet on the heroes because they are 'super', remember that they can't fly.  Air superiority, baby.

7. The Octopus versus the Shark

Well, sure, one is a hyper-evolved killing machine with super-telepathic powers and the other is an escaped convict with an open fish tank in his floor.  But, hey... don't underestimate the power of tentacle hats and self-delusion.

8.  The Phantom Stranger with Secret Squirrel

How they missed THAT opportunity during the DC/Hanna-Barbera crossovers I will never understand.

There's room for two MORE to make it a Top Ten list; what are YOUR suggestions...?


John C said...

I mean, Pinky (Mr. Scarlet's sidekick) and the Brain (the Doom Patrol villain) is sitting right there, complete with a Warner Brothers-owned logo...

Metafictionally, after all these years, I still want a Green Lantern/Binky and His Buddies face-off for a very important reason. Y'see, Showcase Comics #100 closed out the series with a semi-contrived story that featured all the previous Showcase stars. An issue of Green Lantern (somewhere in the mid-180s) ran a letter in the letter column whining that Binky and Hal seemed to know each other, even though we've never seen them meet before and, not to be out-pettied, the editor responded to the letter explaining that the "problem" with the DCU was the fast-and-loose approach to canonicity and too many non-serious stories. That editor, as you might guess, was Marv Wolfman, who just a couple of years later would (of course) write Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ergo, we need an origin story of the Hal/Binky friendship so that we can undo thirty-something years of go-nowhere events...

Chad Walters said...

Dorothy Spinner against The Scarecrow, Earth-8’s Tin Man, and the Wonderland Gang’s Lion.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Zook, in hobo parlance, a zook is "a worn out prostitute". Yeah, let that recontextualize that Martian Manhunter panel ...

Scipio said...

Oh I forgot:
9. Wild Dog versus Catman
Because guns are better than claws.

Redforce said...

Ruby Thursday and Dr. Domino, with special guest-star Dr. N-R-Gee! Can never have too many object-headed villains.