Friday, December 14, 2018

12 things I like about: Martian Manhunter #1

1. John is black.
'Bout time.

2. Engaging and varied panel layout.
"Over the hill". Oh, Diane!

3. John's butt.
Dayum; sign me up!

4. Martian sex.
Oh. Um.... never mind.

5. J'onn is insane.
Why do we worry about Superman losing control when that's pretty much J'onn's STARTING point...?

6. Diane Meade
I want to marry Diane's hair.

7. Samachson and Certa.

Trust me: details are not their strength.

8. Super-physical ignition plagues.
How long before this is a band name?

9. Detecting and deducing.
Spaceman Lizard Tracks. ANOTHER great band name.

10. John is weird.
Diane could make a fortune doing reaction videos.

11. Martian Social Forms.
Megacycles. Heh.

12. Marschitecture.
It's like the Jetsons and Whoville had a baby.


John C said...

I don't quite know how to phrase this, so I apologize for the awkwardness, but over the last thirty years, I feel like I've increasingly found myself wishing that DC would stop trying to make Mars such an integral part of the Martian Manhunter's background. I mean, yes, it's right there in the name, and sometimes it produces nifty skylines or landscapes, but I'm pretty sure I've seen explanations of his weakness to fire more often than I've seen Martha Wayne drop her pearls for some gunsel.

I'd really love to see the character back at the spy game without time to reflect on the decline of his people and the latest reason he burns, sort of the Idris-Elba-as-James-Bond that was a popular idea until Barbara Broccoli made it clear that the franchise will remain shipwrecked in her childhood years. But with goofy powers, obviously. Maybe only the goofy powers.

Also, the guy needs a better name, if only because half the time when I type it, it comes out as "the Martian Manhunger," which is uncomfortable at best.

Oh, well. At least they seem to have finally given up on the idea that J'Onn (along with Wildcat) is the DCU's Axis Mundi, which always felt forced. And, as mentioned, they've also finally realized that John Jones doesn't have to be white. Not that any of the major heroes do after the millionth reboot, but Jones is by far the simplest win.

Nathan Hall said...

Have you seen the Barbarlien in Black Hammer? It's a homage that pushes the envelope of being a shape-shifting alien crime solver.

Dave said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I found the art beyond hideous and the writing incoherent, at best. I love J'onn, but I'm out after this one issue

Slaughter said...

"The Martian Manhunger" sounds like the name of a evil martian that eats people.

Man, I just realized I'm one year behind in my comics. I gotta catch up, pronto.

Also, this art looks weeeeird. The humans look more alien than the aliens, lol.

You think they gonna nerf J'onn? Seems like the consensus 'round these parts is that J'onn need more nerf/specialization, to get away from the "Flying Brick" thing.

Dick McGee said...

FFS, did the species develop telepathy just to avoid having to say "Ma'aleca'andran" over and over again?