Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Face Value

Ordinarily, I only post here on comics I enjoy (or enjoy disliking).  Seldom do I post on 'comics I think people should read or be aware of because it's important".

But today I will, for the sake of Face Value Comics, which is publishing the first comic book with an autistic audience in mind.

It's your basic YA steampunk setting, but the protagonist has autism and the book is written AND drawn with an autistic audience in mind.  

It not only entertains but helps young people with autism better understand their situation and the situations they find themselves in with other people.  It's not a throwaway PSA-comic from a big publisher; it's a labor of love by a creator with autism that's published in my own hometown of York, PA.  

I learned about it at the beginning of the year when I read about it in my hometown newspaper.  Its print run has been small and physical copies were sold in only a handful of stores around York.  But that obscurity changed overnight when the book and its creator were featured recently on NBC News.   Diamond is now distributing the book, so you can ask for your local comic shop to carry it. Or you can buy a digital version online and keep up with the new printings at the publisher's site.

Do you need to read it? Maybe not.   But I do think it's important that you be aware of it, in case you have personal or professional connections to people who do need to read it.


Nathan Hall said...

Ah, the York Dispatch. I interviewed for a job there a lifetime ago, back when being a technology editor meant owning a laptop and a DVD player.

As for the comic - I'm wary of steampunk because too many stories I read in that genre were more clunky style than substance, but if this is for a good cause it may be worth checking out. But I'll do it without wearing goggles, thank you very much.

Scipio said...

"back when being a technology editor meant owning a laptop and a DVD player."

In York that would mean... 2013?

My grandfather was an editor at the Dispatch for about a thousand years. Until they got computers, in fact.

Scipio said...

Btw, I had NO idea you too were PAdutch.

Bryan L said...

That's some beautiful artwork. I am intrigued.

Nathan Hall said...

I'm West-PA Scottish, but my wife is so Dutch she thinks Fasnacht Day is the best day of the year.

John said...

It's always good to see comics (or any media, honestly) that's looking to target any demographic that isn't 18-35 straight white men, whether or not it looks like my cup of tea.

Joshua Roots said...

I am always willing to pick up a comic if it means helping a great cause.