Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

  • Jimmy Olsen having sex.  Yet it still manages to be squeaky clean.
  • I can certainly understand why most of the Rogues consider Grodd a threat, but I'm glad at least some of them find him disarming.
  • While I don't like Kara being irascible and quick to judge (like teenagers can be), I must admit that after decades of watching her pig-tailed subservience as Superman's 'secret weapon', it's actually refreshing.
  • FOS is the new TWHIP.
  • Okay, good; I've always wondered what falling gorilla-muffins sound like.
  • Ridiculously precise wielding of combined superpowers like heat vision and artic breath; it delights Silver Age me more than it irritates Modern Age me.
  • The Talking Sun of Alktos Prime
  • I... I just watched a drag race between the House of Mystery and the House of Secrets.
  • Cat Grant as something other than a shrill predatory harpy.
  • "The gorillas are here."
  • Clark Kent speaks up for the profession of journalism ... and the real world takes notice!
  • Wait... he actually timed it at 4 minutes and 37 seconds?
  • I get a No Prize,  I think; if Clark "can't remember the last time he perspired, if ever", then why do his used clothes stink?
  • Darryl; I don't think any character has made such a dramatic turn from minor comedy relief to mythos mainstay since Alfred.
  • Huh; I'm guessing we won't see Axel lend Lenny a hand any more.
  • I get ANOTHER No Prize:  you must be really super if you can hear the "roar of the solar flares" in the vacuum of space.
  • "The Stream of Eternal Maelstroms" is totally the name of my next put--together quartet.
  • So do you think Dr. Elias will be getting a new client for his power internalization machine?  Because someone's gonna need some new tricks up his sleeve.
  • Don't tell me, let me guess:  Dr Veritas will turn out to have a similarly sexy colleague named Dr Justicia Americanavia.


r duncan said...

Wow. Sadly, DC must really be losing me. I don't get any of your references except maybe gorilla-muffins. But I'm glad you enjoyed them. Glad to see your post again.

Anonymous said...

You only get a no-prize if you explain why it isn't an error, Scipio.

– Jack of Spades

Scipio said...

Duncan; busy with new job, new beau, chorus responsibilities.

Jack: then I will have to forgo my No Prizes!!

David said...

For my no-prize, "regarding the roar of the solar wind, it is known now that space is a highly imperfect vacuum, and while sound audible to human hearing cannot be transmitted, Super-hearing allows for the interpretation of the same force which would propel a solar-sail spacecraft as sound. If it were translated to human terms, it would sound a little like waves breaking overhead while underwater."

How's that?

Scipio said...


SallyP said...

The House race was rather nice. You don't see that sort of thing all that often really. Especially with gargoyles.

AND gorillas!

Anonymous said...

I think I can tackle the matter of why Clark's clothes stink. "Clark's super-senses grant him detection abilities beyond the range of normal human senses, much like a dog. As such, Clark likes to roll around in squirrel poop."

Bryan L said...

I have to differ with you, Scipio. I don't like omnipotent Superman. So the precise power thing irritated me. Also the hearing through the vacuum. Also the whole "you're lifting the weight of a planet" thing. They're just writing themselves into a corner again, where there's no reason to have any other heroes besides Superman and there's no threat that can logically challenge him.

Anonymous said...

The omnipotent Superman (on one level) sets him apart from the rest and provides more opportunities for a writer while also challenging readers. Look at this scene: He has the strength to throw the moon out of orbit - so that he has to be *very* careful when dealing with the Toyman - while managing to bungle being flirted with, and sounds threatening without meaning to.


Also, my way of claiming the "No prize:" Clark's clothes stink becaus he lives in a major urban center. We do not live in a toxin-free environment. However, they don't smell enough, so he dips them into *just* enough squirrel-oops for the smell to before the smell is authentic, before he launders them at a laundromat. On the usual day - varied, occasionally, to lend realism to *that,* as well.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for my typo in the last paragraph of the above - I guess I'm a "prase-level error" kinda-guy. Omit the prhase "before the smell is" and in the single word "be," and it might make more sense.

Hello to Scipio. I've enjoyed your posts without posting before tonight. Always imagined you settling down with Clark after he realized that his dealings with Lois just some sort of gay panic before he came out. Best withes with the new beau even if he is not Clark.

Unknown said...

OK. I got tired of being anonymous. Even after being so for five minutes, and moving from being "phase-level" error kind of buy to "can't spell a word" kind of guy.

Thank, you, Scipio, for encouraging me to setting up a gmail account.

Still hoping you are sleeping with Superman.

Scipio said...

Lol, wheel, he is more like El Superhombre, bun thanks , zmichael.

Jacob T. Levy said...

"I can certainly understand why most of the Rogues consider Grodd a threat, but I'm glad at least some of them find him disarming."

Sigh. In the modern DC, this means Grodd ripped one of the rogues' arms off, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

It's not hearing through a vacuum. There was recently a show on the science channel about the various thrums and squeals the universe makes. It's not a perfect vacuum in space, and it is not for humans. But with superhuman hearing, why not. NASA says the sound of a black hole is 57 octaves below human hearing range

Anonymous said...

Superman can hear radio waves. This is well established in canon

Stars make horrific noises on radio