Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twist and shout

It's not just me reading something into this, is it...?

NOT the kind of humor I expect in a JSA All-Stars comic!

Roy Thomas is a naughty naughty man.  But....

a poetic one:

Says the man who can
twist himself into any
shape he can think of.

Yeesh, Plastic Man sexual innuendo haiku.  That's not something you see every day.  Fortunately.

What haiku can you compose to condemn Thomas's naughtiness, skewer Hawkman's jealously, or celebrate Plas's.... special charms?


Bryan L said...

Well, if you drop the first word, Hawk's got another:

Actually, one
Woman's quite enough for me
Since she's the RIGHT one.

Now mine:

Hawkman is nasty
With his cheap innuendo
Wash his beak with soap.

Andrew said...

When impresssing girls,
there are some shapes Plas avoids:
Platonic solids.

r duncan said...

Comics code, what did you do?
Allowing Hawkman's comment through. So blue.

Kevin Trudeau said...

It ain't a haiku, but you should know: KGBeast is in the next Heroclix set.


Scipio said...


Nathan Hall said...

Be kind to your fine
feathered friends - for a hawk may
be someone's lover

Anonymous said...

Roy Thomas, master
of clumsy exposition:
I've never liked you.

Well, that's not quite true.
I was twelve, and the choice was
you or Marv Wolfman.

DC was crap then,
but "The New Teen Titans" was
endlessly icky.

Just imagine Plas
coiled tight around Starfire:
they would have gone there.

There is no safe word
to protect you from Marv when
he's got his perv on.

Have I said enough?
I don't recall that era
very fondly, nope.

Dan said...

This innuendo is the only explanation I can find for Sue Storm staying married to Reed Richards.

Otherwise, the guy's a ghost in her life.