Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We love you, Seattle!

OMG, at first I was SO EXCITED when I read this...!!!!

But then I realized it wasn't Green Arrow. :- (


Bryan L said...

This dude clearly needs a Batarang. There's no upside in going toe-to-toe with the riff-raff. Subdue them from a distance.

Scipio said...

It's a basic rule of comics, but many fans don't realize until they play Heroclix: a successful hero must have means for both close combat and ranged combat.

No range = lose.

It's why Batman has batarangs, Superman has heat vision,
Wonder Woman has a lasso,
and Spider-Man has webs.

Nathan Hall said...

Problem: In the comics, you can hit what you want.

In the real world, range = occasionally hit civilian targets, ranging from people to windows. Some things, like Phoenix Jones's pepper spray, can backfire if the wind goes the wrong way. Also, boomerangs never seem to come exactly back to you. Lassos and webs would work, though, if you're a cowboy or radioactive-arachnid-American, but either way any 13-year-old with a gun has the advantage.

I guess my point is, if I got beamed by a vigilante while minding my own business, or if that happened to my wife or daughter, I'd go supervillain. Heck, I'd go supervillain if the Batmobile cut me off. I'm really just looking for an excuse.

Bryan L said...

Well, boomerangs don't return at all if you actually hit your target. That's something that comics lost for a while and only later picked back up. I prefer the Batarang-as-shuriken usage myself, though the odd shape is still problematic from a ballistics standpoint.

Scipio's right, though. Unless you're invulnerable, the way to win is to keep your distance and use a ranged weapon. Or rely on the *threat* of using a ranged weapon. That's why cops don't like it when belligerent types get too close. If you start grappling, things get very dangerous.

Really, what's required in this situation is a net-arrow. Wrap 'em up and let the cops sort it out. So really, Green Arrow should have stepped in here.

And, Nathan, you should be very careful about posting your supervillain inclinations. The first sign of supervillain trouble, and you're suspect #1.