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Okay, so I'm sitting here on the veranda overlooking Collins St., having just gotten back from a many-hour dinner with a group of male high fashion models. Yes, really.

No, I'm not from Italy, but those trunks do make me look good...!

But, such is my dedication (or my inability to fit male high fashion models in a doggie bag) that I'm posting here anyway... .

Now that I'm back in Miami again, I'm suddenly wondering....

Has any comic book even been set in Miami? I mean, not a series, but even just a story? I'd think I'd remember it, if I'd read such a story...

It's not a big issue. As I've mentioned repeatedly, I'm a big fan of fictionopolises, and that's where most of the real action takes place in (DC) comics. Oh, occasionally, Montevideo will get blown up, Manhattan will be attacked by a fleet of acid-laden zeppelins, or Paris will get eaten by a painting. But the Gotham City warehouse district sees more crime in one week than Shenzhen sees in a year.

On the other hand...

when I think of all the real-world places that have been featured in DC Comics, Miami's absence starts to irk. Washington (of course), Pittsburgh (of all places!), San (Sub) Diego, El Paso, Detroit (tee hee!), Kansas freakin' City...! And yet, it's as if Miami doesn't exist. Maybe in the DCU it doesn't, and Fawcett City is here instead; it would explain the architecture.

did animal man go to miami during invasion or was that just florida?

and there was at least one issue of g.i. joe that was set in miami, the one that introduced chuckles. and, that i am able to recall a long forgotten 20+ year old issue of g.i. joe at 12:30 on a friday night will always be a low point in my life.

thanks for that....
If I'm correctly recalling the "Contagion" Batman story that I read when my parents sent me the trade as a gift when I was living in Japan, there was a Catwoman story where she goes to Miami.

Hold on...

Yep, there it is. This is the pre-Brubaker Catwoman, but there's the line of newspaper dispensers setting the scene. And there's the Jamaican cabbie for "stereotyping"!
Thanks to, add Fury of Firestorm Annual #3 and Superman Family #205 to that list.
Off the top of my head, and I could be wrong, but was the late-80s non-Bucky "Nomad" series set in Miami for a while?
Gotham City is one of the few cities in America to have an entire district dedicated not just to warehouses, but abandoned warehouses.

Sometimes I think I spend more time there than I do my own place...
When Supergirl (the original one) was teaching/counselling at the New Athens School, it was in Santa Agusta, Florida.
I remember an issue of Teen Titans back in the 1980s when Dr. Light (in his lame, lobotomized days, as we'd find out later) is rampaging in Central City and is mulling which city to take next. As I recall, he rejects NYC and Metropolis as being too big to handle and briefly ponders attacking Miami before concluding "Nah, nothing to steal but old people."

PSEUDOSPOILER: He decides on Cleveland before (a costumeless and terminally ill) Wally West and his then-girlfriend beat him down without working a sweat.
Justice League of America #142, by Steve Englehart, was set partly in Miami. That's the issue with Mantis...err...Willow.
Miami is on Earth 53, so, ya know...
Miami does seem to rank pretty low on the list of fashionable places to find villains and heroes. Probably not enough abandoned warehouses.

There was Apex City however.
Indeed. Why visit "Miami" when Florida's own Apex City provides hideous buildings, meteors containing high concentrations of metallic ore, and classic fashion?
I beleive there was a story in a Web of Spiderman Annual in the late 80's, part of the Evolutionary War storyline, that had Spidey down in Miami. He was fighting a Kingpin clone called the Slug, and it was written by Steve Gerber I believe.
Y'know, just because the Martian Manhunter is currently dead, that doesn't mean Apex City should go unprotected!

What other hero or heroes should adopt Apex City, Florida as their base of operations?
Most of the superheroes hang out in Boca, anyway.
Miss Martian should live in Apex City.
Dexter lives in Miami. He'd make a decent subject for a Vertigo title. He's like the Punisher, only without the lameness
Don't forget another real place part of a story took place in...Parma, OH...yes Parma...real place...only 15 mins from me. AND it was just recently. The Flash (Wally) went to some factory in Parma, OH that was visited by the Queen Bee or some nonsense like that...It's when he had to save Linda from being attacked by bees while she was hiding in the closet...
Thor spent some time in Chicago. Don't forget about Chicago, the DC of the 00's!
Don't forget that Wild Dog (you do remember, don't you?) was set in Davenport, IA. That REALLY makes Miami's absence stand out.
You young whippersnappers. No sense of history. Does nobody remember JLA #21, "Crisis on Earth-One," the very first JLA/JSA teamup/Crisis saga?

In it, the Fiddler, the Icicle, and the Wizard are shown living the high life in the famous (such as in GOLDFINGER) Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami of Earth I after they jump universes and start a crime spree.
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