Friday, December 14, 2018

12 things I like about: Martian Manhunter #1

1. John is black.
'Bout time.

2. Engaging and varied panel layout.
"Over the hill". Oh, Diane!

3. John's butt.
Dayum; sign me up!

4. Martian sex.
Oh. Um.... never mind.

5. J'onn is insane.
Why do we worry about Superman losing control when that's pretty much J'onn's STARTING point...?

6. Diane Meade
I want to marry Diane's hair.

7. Samachson and Certa.

Trust me: details are not their strength.

8. Super-physical ignition plagues.
How long before this is a band name?

9. Detecting and deducing.
Spaceman Lizard Tracks. ANOTHER great band name.

10. John is weird.
Diane could make a fortune doing reaction videos.

11. Martian Social Forms.
Megacycles. Heh.

12. Marschitecture.
It's like the Jetsons and Whoville had a baby.