Friday, February 17, 2017

Going WILD

Commercial capitalism, you have FAILED THIS CITY!

Or at least failed ME.

You have created a multiverse of weird, useless, obscure stuff to buy.

But I just want one thing:

a Wild Dog jersey.

Sexiest psycho ever.

Ideally with Rick Gonzales still in it.

"I need to wash your shirt again, sweetie. And, yes, it DOES take a week, that's how much I care."

But even without him, I still want one.

And yet. 

You cannot buy a Wild Dog jersey.  You can't even buy a Wild Dog tee shirt.  Or Underoos; I demand Wild Dog on my junk! Even the LOGO isn't on the internet, which might conceivably enable one to make such merch for oneself. 

Nothing.  Where's the love for Wild Dog he so richly deserves?

If anyone can prove me wrong PLEASE PLEASE do.