Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Penguin for a new generation

I have heard some complaints about the Robin Lord Taylor version of the Penguin  on the television show "Gotham" as being insufficiently canonical.

For example...

Kind of skinny, isn't he?

But then again...

so was Burgess Meredith, the man who defined the Penguin for at least one generation.

Killing someone for a sandwich?  How could the Penguin be so vicious!

However, the Penguin is probably...

more cold-blooded than you remember.

He's rather fey, isn't it?  Hardly seems appropriate.

Then again....

the Penguin was never what you'd call "macho".

He's so ...pathetic.  He hardly seems threatening at all!

Then again.

that was part of made him originally so successful.

Ugh, the Penguin as some low-level mob flunky? How undignified!

Then again....

being an apparent pushover not taken by seriously by "real" gangster is part of his origin.

Why is he cooperating with the police? That's completely un-Penguin-like!

Except,of course,

for every time it suits his purpose.

No, "Gotham"'s version of Penguin is just fine, thank you.