Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Songs in the key of Sea

Aquaman, as we have complained recently, doesn't get the same kind of multimedia love as many of colleagues do.  I mean, sure, we all expect Batman and Superman to be the media's darlings, but, c'mon...Green Arrow, of all people, has a hit television show.

But there is one medium in which Aquaman gets his due ...

Indie/folk/alt musicians LOVE Aquaman.  Everyone who thinks "Oh why doesn't anyone appreciate my specialness and why do the girls always go for the BMOCs like Batman and Superman *heavy sigh*?" looks to Aquaman as their lyrical avatar.

"Aquaman, wait! Would you like to hear this song I wrote about how I identify with you because you, too, are underappreciated and overshadowed by your own friends...?"

One of my favorites is Mark Aaron James's Aquaman's Lament, in which Aquaman tries to convince Vicki Vale to ditch Batman for him.  Why Aquaman would be so focused on trampy VV, I can't imagine (although we know he likes redheads).  Remember, Arthur, there are lots of good fish in the sea.

It's from his album "Just a Satellite", which you can buy on The iTunes.

Motion Slick also did a song called Aquaman's Lament, which is less respectful than one might wish, and, bizarrely, keeps comparing Aquaman to Marvel heroes.

One of the most melodious is Grandpa Griffith's Aquaman (ignore the VIDEO, it's just the only one of the song I could find); it's a real earwig and cleverly incorporates elements of sea shanties.

There's little evidence other than the title that Aquaman, by Italian prog-rock band Goblin, is about the Sea King.  But it's great music to watch your fish tank to.

The Ballad of Aquaman by the Social Bedders is a bit whiny (in several ways), but it seems to be rooted in respect and love for the character, with some interesting lyrics.  I'm fond of the phrase "patriotic green and orange".  Aquaman is still the king, indeed.

Although better known for their cover of Batman's theme, Skavoovie & the Epitones have an instrumental Aquaman that's amusing surreal. "Swim away from the hammerheads; they will destroy!" is a pretty memorable lyric.

I'd be surprised if  you don't already know Ookla the Mok for some reason, but you deserve to know their defiant Arthur Curry, with whom "you better not mess around".  Props for rhyming "Atlantis" with '"proportionate strength of a praying mantis".

I couldn't find a full on-line version of The Amazing Kilowatts' energetic Aquaman. but you can hear a snatch of it on Amazon and buy it for next to nothing.  Aquaman; he's keepin' it real.

Aquaman's Rousing Song of Heroism from Batman: Brave & the Bold is well known, of course, but I am much much fonder of "The Currys of Atlantis" (a.k.a. "Well, Ahoy!").  "Aqualad is my decoy" is perhaps the greatest lyric of all time (at least when you detest Aqualad as much as I do!)

And Cory Hite (and her teeny guitar) is also on hand to prove that,  yes, some girls do like Aquaman and appreciate his perfect hair and shirt of orange hue.