Friday, December 05, 2008

Born of Meng

Ten Reasons Vibe is Like Jesus:

  1. Born on the wrong side of town.
  2. Sported skeevy facial hair.
  3. Never got married or seen dating a girl.
  4. Had at least one brother who followed in his footsteps, but is forgotten by almost everyone.
  5. Led a gang and got in trouble with the law.
  6. Had powers; occasionally used them for good; mostly used them to show off.
  7. Hung out with losers (Ralph Dibney and Hank Heywood) and whores (Vixen and Zatanna).
  8. Died young, and from asphyxiation. And for your sins, I might add.
  9. Had a storyline where he is resurrected. Several of them, actually.
  10. Has become more popular since he died.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy

in comics this week.

  • "What are you, his emergency secret weapon?"
  • Just keep repeating: "That is not Gaggy. I do not see Gaggy. There is no Gaggy. There never was a Gaggy. Nor will there ever be."
  • Continuity comes to Jonah Hex!
  • "What's money? Is it important?"
  • Good to see the red roadster again!
  • And yet another Lex Luthor robot meets an ignominious end.
  • "Shock and Awesome" is a great title.
  • "Shocker and Awe" is a less great title.
  • Oh, Gog's other shoe drops, and a mighty big shoe it is.
  • I see nothing wrong with spending $5 million on a personalized helicopter.
  • "Invulnerability... failing... bombardment ... hurting!"
  • I honestly think that's the first time I've ever seen Jonah laugh.
  • The Laughing Contest.
  • Best spectral decapitation scene ever!
  • Well, that's solves the long-standing "mystery of the Kingdom Come Flash".
  • "Did I miss the dream sequence?"