Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, so I'm sitting here on the veranda overlooking Collins St., having just gotten back from a many-hour dinner with a group of male high fashion models. Yes, really.

No, I'm not from Italy, but those trunks do make me look good...!

But, such is my dedication (or my inability to fit male high fashion models in a doggie bag) that I'm posting here anyway... .

Now that I'm back in Miami again, I'm suddenly wondering....

Has any comic book even been set in Miami? I mean, not a series, but even just a story? I'd think I'd remember it, if I'd read such a story...

It's not a big issue. As I've mentioned repeatedly, I'm a big fan of fictionopolises, and that's where most of the real action takes place in (DC) comics. Oh, occasionally, Montevideo will get blown up, Manhattan will be attacked by a fleet of acid-laden zeppelins, or Paris will get eaten by a painting. But the Gotham City warehouse district sees more crime in one week than Shenzhen sees in a year.

On the other hand...

when I think of all the real-world places that have been featured in DC Comics, Miami's absence starts to irk. Washington (of course), Pittsburgh (of all places!), San (Sub) Diego, El Paso, Detroit (tee hee!), Kansas freakin' City...! And yet, it's as if Miami doesn't exist. Maybe in the DCU it doesn't, and Fawcett City is here instead; it would explain the architecture.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • I really like that Kandor has trees and rivers. Like cities do.
  • "I'm not a face to wake up to." Indeed.
  • See? No matter what Team Ability symbol they put on his Heroclix dial, I have always considered that character an enemy and not an ally.
  • Code name: Beagle. Nice one.
  • Why Star Boy left the Legion. That, folks, is continuity.
  • Linda Lang.
  • YOU are not the boss of Battle Beast!
  • Running to the Spectre? AGAIN? Okay, it's definitely time for you to go back to the Kids' Table.
  • "I'm a god, not a saint."
  • Vibe. Love that new outfit, dear!
  • Honor and loyalty shine bright in this weary world.
  • Oh, how I was looking forward to the undoubted laughfest of the Phantom Stranger + Green Lantern. And, OH, how wrong I was...
  • An elegant, hand-waiving explanation of the previous badly botched versions of Supergirl; yeah, I'll buy that.
  • Yes, they are the size of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Oh, of course they had Captain Atom talk to him.
  • Allen and Nolan's one-two punch.
  • Now that is an origin for Supergirl.
  • Donna Troy, librarian.
  • "He believes I send the dreams" is one of the most coldly badass things you will ever hear a character say.
  • Oh, yeah, something is definitely afoot for retooling the Batfamily titles. And with Batwoman; yay!
  • Anthony's passing.
  • You know the scope of the action is pretty broad when the collateral damage of the battle is... Europe.
  • Wow. The food in the 31st Century must be just horrible.
  • Yes, "cat" should always be in quotation marks.
  • Shouldn't all girlfriends be able to vanish your clothes just by touching them?
  • The Planet's new business editor.
  • "I'm young, I'm rich, I'm adored."
  • What the HECK is Starman up to?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Magnus is Better than Joon Rhee

Because Magnus can karate-chop a steel board while wearing nothing but a pink pillowcase.

And make it look

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Doomsday The Movie

Today I watched the Superman/Doomsday animated film for the first time. I hadn't watched it before because, well, frankly I didn't like the Death of Superman story and really disliked Doomsday himself.

So I was very pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed that film, in that it improved vastly on the original story.

As in the original story, Doomsday himself isn't significant at all; he's the thinnest of plot devices to get to 'the Death of Superman'. In the animated version, the first is mercifully brief; we don't have to watch Doomsday swat his way through a host of other heroes. I could always believe that Doomsday killed Superman before anyone else had time to help; I could never swallow that the entire of the superhero community couldn't have simply and quickly transported him to deep space somewhere, or captured him with the JLA transporter or something.

The contrast between Lex and Superman has never been starker. Lex curing muscular distrophy while staring out the window, while Superman, unable to cure cancer, regrets his role as merely Earth's resident strongman. And Lex, with his Mercy-killing? Plus "Why did you leave me?" and "Who's your daddy?" Yes, this Lex has issues.

I liked the simplification of the plot of what happens when Superman is "dead". Instead of just weepy encomiums, we get to see, through the actual degeneration of certain characters (Lois's death wish, Jimmy's sell-out, Perry's drinking) and Metropolis as a whole, that Superman's chief contribution is as an inspiration rather than a protector. Rather than the Reign of the Four Substitute Superman, we got just one sub who embodies the "No, that's not what Superman stands for" concept. And creepy! As shocking as the Toyman scene was, the scene with the cat was bone-chilling, particular since you know that, well, he's right.

Don't get me wrong; Superboy and Steel were great characters, and, while the Cyborg Superman and the Eradicator weren't great, they did provide fodder for many subsequent stories. But the "superclone" was a much way to get to the heart of the "What Would Superman Do?" issue.

I appreciated the little touches around the Fortress: Brainiac's skull, one of the robots from the Fleischer cartoons, and the Bottle City. And, YES, I laughed at the gratuitous Kevin Smith joke for the Superman insiders...!

The plot also fixed some glaring holes in the original, such as making it clear that Superman was never actually dead, and providing a plausible reason why Clark Kent's absence after Superman's death didn't reveal his secret identity.

In fact, the whole viewing experience made me think that perhaps we should let them make these movies first, and then pattern comic books after them!

What did you think of Superman: Doomsday?